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  • Little Button Craft 658 South Avenue Rochester, NY, 14620 United States (map)
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Join four fantastically talented Rochester Artists as they try to re-home some of their art that’s been collecting dust! Gia Conti, Magnus Champlin, Jes Karakashian, and Meghan Murphy will be setting up shop in Little Button craft Saturday, December 8th and Sunday, December 9th to help you get your holiday shopping done locally.

Seriously, you don’t wanna miss out on this! Best garage sale you’ll go to all year, and it’s not even in a garage!

Look below for artist bio

Gia Conti

I really love painting animals and creatures. Why? Because I want you to 
love them too! Some of my best friends have been my pets and little 
animals. Some of my best memories are of collecting insects and playing 
with spring time toads.  I still like my dinosaur toys, dreaming about 
forgotten monsters and popping bubbles . We live on a magical planet 
full of so much glorious beauty but I am afraid sometimes we are numb to 
it all.

Drawing and painting has always been my refuge. When life spins out of 
control, creativity gives you back control and brings you peace. I love 
the intense and fluid nature of watercolor. I like to create highly 
saturated, tasty watercolor paintings full of vibrant color. You eat 
with your eyes first and I am always hungry .I am a self taught artist 
and I hope that I can shed a new and beautiful light on under 
appreciated, over looked and imaginary life forms. I also paint pet 
portraits too.

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Magnus Champlin

Goofball illustrator and painter that is creating all sorts of random 
things to help liven up the world. Living in the nostalgia and bad puns 
his work is colorful and detailed and usually is priced so that even the 
beginning art buyer can add it to their budding collection. A huge fan 
and cheerleader for the city of Rochester, he can be seen working at 
various art galleries and events to build the art community.

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Jes Karakashian

Jes Karakashian is a certified whacko. No one knows what's wrong with 
her. Undiagnosed mental illness, probably. Anyway, buy her stuff. It's 
colorful and fun. Plus, zombies! Happy Holidays!

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Meghan Murphy

Meghan Murphy is an illustrator and designer who specializes in the 
cute, the creepy, and that special place where the two meet.

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